Cranbourne Training Complex

Enver Jusufovic’s stables are situated close to the action on track at Australia’s number one training facility, Cranbourne Training Complex. The state-of-the-art facilities are used daily to ensure the best is brought out in your horses under the patient care of Enver and his team. Our horses have the opportunity to have variety in their work and do so with the following tracks and facilities available right outside their stable:

  • Course Proper – 2400 metres / 27 metres wide
  • Inside Grass – 2150 metres / 26 metres wide
  • Viscoride Track – 1900 metres / 12 metres wide
  • Reverse Sand Track – 1600m  / 12 metres wide
  • Fast Sand Track – 2020 metres / 15 metres wide
  • Slow Sand Track (x2) – 1400 metres / 13 metres wide
  • Jumping Facilities including Hurdle and Steeple Chute
  • Training Barriers

  • 40 Large GG Engineering Boxes
  • 10 Horse Walking Machine
  • Hot Wash
  • High Speed Treadmill
  • Swimming Pool Access
  • Modern Office Building
  • Bathroom and Laundry Facilities 
  • Viewing Deck
  • 6 Horse Truck

    Trail Tracks, Sand Hills, Exercise Track, Swimming Pool, Barriers and Bull Ring and an underground tunnel network. The Cranbourne Training Complex also holds a regular program of official and non-official trials, which Enver uses to prepare his horses for race day and get a truer guide to their ability. It also features hurdle facilities, which Enver often utilises to sharpen horses’ attitudes.

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