At Enver Jusufovic Racing we love to see our stable stars shining on the racetrack, but most of all we love to see them flourishing at their new homes when their time as a racehorse has come to an end. The rehoming of our thoroughbreds is very important to the team and we will be highlighting some of the past gallopers that have set hoof in our stable and are now onto their new careers.

This week we have a son of Tale of the Cat who raced under the name of Activist. The brown gelding debuted as a four-year-old having two starts for the stable and although he only beat a few home each time winning a grand total of $655 in prizemoney, his good looks and talents away from the race track are much more impressive. He now lives with Olivia who has kindly shared their story below.

How long have you had Activist and what does he go by now?

I have had him for nearly 6 years and he goes by the name Wally. He was a bit of a ‘Wally’ when we first got him so we thought that name really suited him.

What does his life look like now?

Wally has an amazing life! He has a big paddock all to himself and I ride him 3-4 times a week. We mostly train dressage and have weekly lessons with Belle Bourke but we also really enjoy jumping too. Wally loves his life and is very spoilt with plenty of love, attention and all of the things he needs to feel his best and stay healthy and happy.

What has the retraining transformation been like?

It has been an extremely rewarding and sometimes challenging transformation. Our flatwork has improved ten fold over the last 3 years with the help of our amazing coach Belle, as Wally has begun to really trust me more and our partnership has continued to grow.

He absolutely loves jumping and is extremely bold on cross country, which is always heaps of fun. The best part of our training is how willing he is. He is always trying to do the right thing and really loves getting it right (and the praise that follows!).

What discipline does he do now? Has he competed?

Wally and I love competing and our favourite discipline is eventing. Wally is talented in all three phases – He is beautiful on the flat and always jumps well, which makes him an excellent horse for eventing. We always have the best time when we go out and I finish the competition so proud of my special Wally. 

Does he have any funny quirks?

Wally has plenty of funny quirks! He loves being scratched in his ears and nostrils and enjoys licking one of my soft shell riding jackets (only the pink one). He loves water and gets impatient if you hose his body before you let him drink out of the hose. If you could pick him up and hold him I’m sure he’d love that too. He is a strange boy at times but I love that about him. He is quirky and has so much personality.

Best part about owning an ex-racehorse?

The best part is their willingness to learn. Wally listens very carefully to my aids and is always trying to do the right thing. He is happiest when he knows he has got it right. He trusts me 100% and I’m very grateful for the wonderful partnership we have established. I’m so appreciative that I get to be a part of his life after racing. He is a truly special horse.

Thank you to Olivia Peacock for sharing your story, we wish you and Wally all the success in the future.

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