Cranbourne Training Complex

Enver Jusufovic's stables are situated 10 minutes from the Cranbourne Training Complex. The complex is the completion of Victoria’s vision to build a purpose built training facility and bring it to the forefront of Australian racing. Enver makes use of the facilities on a day to day basis with the following tracks available for use:

  • Course Proper – 2400 metres / 27 metres wide
  • Inside Grass – 2150 metres / 26 metres wide
  • Viscoride Track – 1900 metres / 12 metres wide
  • Fast Sand Track – 2020 metres / 15 metres wide
  • Slow Sand Track (x2) – 1400 metres / 13 metres wide

Trail Tracks, Sand Hills, Exercise Track, Swimming Pool, Barriers and Bull Ring and an underground tunnel network. The Cranbourne Training Complex also holds a regular program of official and non-official trials, which Enver uses to prepare his horses for race day and get a truer guide to their ability. It also features hurdle facilities, which Enver often utilises to sharpen horses’ attitudes.

Enver's Property Facilities

Enver’s home property can stable as many as 30 horses; with day yards that give horses a change in their daily routine.

  • Barriers: The four-horse barriers give Enver more time and flexibility to teach horses to get a good breakaway and is particularly handy for horses that have problem at the gates.
  • Six-horse walking machine: Primarily used for afternoon sessions, to keep horses’ fitness levels high and to alter their daily routine.
  • Modern Eight-Horse Truck: To transports horses each morning for their main trackwork session.
  • Sand roll and Washing facilities

The range of facilities used by Enver Jusufovic Racing gives him the flexibility to train horses on an individual basis and provides him with choice when planning a campaign for a horse.